1. What is the address and phone number for Focus Fit?

  • Address :: 5709 Hwy 80 E, Pearl, MS (next to Fads and Frames)
  • Phone :: 601-591-7488

2. What are the club hours?

  • 24/7

3. Does Focus Fit have an age limit?

  • The age limit is 12, must be enrolled and accompanied by adult while in facility.

4. What are the options for payment of membership?

  • You need a credit card, debit card or voided check.

5. What is the dress policy?

  • Any type of unaltered workout attire (shorts, athletic footwear, t-shirts, unaltered tank tops, sweatpants, sweatshirts, etc.).

6. Do you have to check-in each time you visit the gym?

  • After you join you will receive a membership key tag to present at front desk each time you visit.

7. Is chalk permitted in the gym?

  • No chalk is permitted on the workout floor.

8. Can I bring food to the gym?

  • No food is allowed in the gym.

9. Do you have lockers?

  • Lockers are provided on a daily basis. Please bring your own lock and remove prior to leaving.

10. What is the procedure to cancel my membership?

  • You must fill out a cancellation form at the gym or send a cancellation letter via certified mail.