Easy Foil Dinners in an Hour

Easy Foil Dinners in an Hour

What if I told you that a delicious, wholesome dinner could be prepped, cooked, and the kitchen cleaned within an hour?

No, I’m not talking about hiring help, heating up leftovers, or cooking a frozen pizza. All it takes is wrapping a handful of nutritious ingredients in tinfoil and tossing it into the oven, onto the grill or campfire for an easy all-in-one dinner. Bonus: Cleanup is built in! Cooking in tinfoil packets has been long been family-approved and time-tested. What’s getting a makeover is the makeup of the foil packets. The menu ideas for foil dinners are endless. Expand past the traditional, yet still delicious, hobo-style packet of hamburger meat and potatoes. Use these five simple steps to build a foil packet as unique as your individual taste.

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“Forgiveness is letting go of the idea that the past can be anything different.”

Last post, I set the stage for approaching health and wellness as a mind game instead of a lack of nutrition or physical activity education. If I was a betting gal, I’d say you are educated above your own level of obedience when it comes to fitness. Most of us know better, but obviously lack the doing better. But I am here to help bridge the gap between knowing and doing by focusing on the mind. But before anyone can move forward, we must start with forgiveness.

What does forgiveness have to do with fitness? This is a gym for Pete’s sake, why am I trying to get all personal with you? Because I dig past the plate into the deeper causes of your weight struggles. It’s what I do best.

Forgiveness actually has a lot to do with our current well-being.  Whether you over eat or restrict food to an unhealthy extent the problem is the same, you are nurturing deep seeded pain. Often efforts to gain control of your negative relationship with food end up in failure which leads you to hold on to self-anger, resentment, and disappointment. These emotional struggles hold you back in a destructive pattern. By embracing self-forgiveness, you can also embrace peace, hope, gratitude and joy.

Consider how self-forgiveness can lead you down the path of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

There are three people that you should consider forgiving, today. Find a piece of scratch paper, jot down the age you were the most unfit and in the best shape of your life. Pause and reflect on who you were then, past or present. Now note your goal weight, pants size, or other numerical reference point that would make you feel validated once achieved. Remember, be honest, no one sees this but you.

Take a hard look at your records and make a conscious decision to forgive yourself. Forgive the unfit you (past or present) for letting yourself down, for not being strong enough to take control of your health, for repeatedly giving into temptations, and in your mind, not being good enough. If the fit you is a faint memory of your past, forgive them for not sticking with it and being strong enough to withstand the pressure of life. Finally, no matter where you are on your wellness journey, forgive the future you for the mistakes that are inevitable. Go ahead and make a mends that success isn’t perfection it is consistency, and when you slip off track you have already decided to slide right back on.

Forgiving yourself may seem silly, but it is not, it is vital to your overall well-being. True forgiveness is giving up the idea the past can be different and approaching each day as a fresh start.  Let’s mark this milestone in thinking with a huge X on all three as a symbol of forgiveness and that they don’t dictate the future of your fitness.

Rebecca Turner is a registered dietitian, certified specialist in sports dietetics and author of "Mind Over Fork." Sign up for a private consult: rebeccaturnernutrition@gmail.com. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @RebeccaTurnerNutrition.

Mind Over Fork

Mind Over Fork

Nutrition: It’s a mind game. 

What’s all the fuss about? Losing weight and getting healthy is easy!

Just burn more calories than you take in, eat your fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. What is so hard about that? If only it were that simple; I would be out of a job and the term “obesity” wouldn’t be on public health officials’ radar. Yet, here in Mississippi, we face the reality that many of our residents are overweight, yet undernourished. Obesity in children and adults is a leading health concern for the Magnolia state and contributes to our rise in major chronic disease killers: heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

Any health professional will tell you their job is to educate, equip, and encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. As a registered dietitian, I have experienced that even with the best nutrition education; I often fail miserably at getting people to make lasting changes to their diet. By now, most American adults are educated above their level of obedience when it comes to health and wellness.

Sure some of the conflicting information is confusing, but ask any 5th grader and they can tell you apple slices are a healthier choice than French Fries.

What’s the deal?  For many of you struggling with weight loss the issue with food has nothing to do with the food on your plate. That is why about one quarter of the vegetables consumed in America comes from French fries. That’s not one quarter of potatoes, that’s one quarter of all vegetables in total! Americans now eat an average of four servings of French fries every week. 

Endurance athletes, like myself, know that the marathon is conquered with the mind and the feet are just along for the journey. That goes for all of life’s biggest obstacles; the mind is the most powerful muscle in the body. If you are a chronic dieter, then consider bypassing the next fad diet and focus on conquering the mind to not just win the battle but gain victory over your war with food.

Every day you wake up and face a million and one choices. Without much effort you allow the snarky voice in your head to dictate what you wear, who you smile at, and what you eat. Over the next several articles we will explore how with a little awareness and practical solutions, you can achieve freedom from dieting and reclaim a positive relationship with food and physical activity, if you really want to.

In the meantime, you can head on over to Amazon.com and purchase my book: Mind Over Fork: Escape Dieting to Find the Healthy Lifestyle You Deserve.  Or, you can email me at RebeccaTurnerNutrition@gmail.com and I will sign and deliver one to you at the gym!

Rebecca Turner is a registered dietitian, certified specialist in sports dietetics and author of "Mind Over Fork." She can be reached at rebeccaturnernutrition@gmail.com. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @RebeccaTurnerNutrition.

Smart Goals

Smart Goals

Right now you are probably focused on a variety of goals to accomplish since joining the gym, which is natural. Getting started in a new workout routine sets the stage for personal transformations. But, history shows us that most people will decide to join a fitness club and then they won’t utilize it.

I know I’ve been guilty of falling off the fitness wagon. Have you?

Maybe you purchased a gym membership and never miss a day, but fail to stick to your diet. It could be a number of other commitments that you resolved to make but never took action. It’s Ok- you’re human. And that’s what we humans like to do.

Truth is you like the idea of transformation, but you know little about the practice of transformation. Creating a healthier life or taking your vision to the next level is hard work; it’s a journey. It’s not about fads, quick fixes, or the celebrity health trend du jour. It’s about consistency. It’s about taking repeated action. It’s about dedicating an entire year to exploring and cultivating a healthier lifestyle that works for you. It’s about making SMART resolutions once and for all.

If you feel you are stuck in a fitness rut, try applying these SMART principals to any goal.

S – Be specific in what you want to accomplish. Vowing to “eat healthy” will only get you nowhere fast. Instead, pledge to fade out processed foods from your pantry, incorporate a fruit or vegetable into every meal, or commit to drink half your body weight in water, daily. 

M – Make it measureable. Set goals that can be answered with a simple yes or no to determine success. Did I purchase anything processed at the grocery store? Yes or no. Did I have a fruit or vegetable at breakfast, lunch, and dinner today? Yes or no. Did I drink the proper ounces of water today? Yes or no.

A – Set achievable benchmarks. Great, you want to run a marathon this year, but you’ve never jogged as far as to the mailbox. Start by doing a couch to 5K program, and get involved with a local running group who specializes in making marathon dreams come true. Or, focus on 10,000 steps daily for good health.

R- For heaven’s sake, be realistic! Promising to cook every meal from scratch when you struggle to boil water is a recipe for failure.  Aim for one new healthy recipe a week. Better yet, start a healthy recipe club with your friends, co-workers, or small groups for support and creativity.

TTime it along the way. Long term goals are not a good deadline for the procrastinator in us all.  Make many mini SMART goals every week or month that will get you to your ultimate goal. You know the saying, “Eat this elephant one bite at a time!”

The truth is that you can change your life anytime. Right now is just a great a moment to take action as tomorrow, or Monday. Don’t keep putting off your goals. Get SMART and start achieving your fitness dreams.

Rebecca Turner is a registered dietitian, certified specialist in sports dietetics and author of "Mind Over Fork." She is available for personal consults. Email her at RebeccaTurnerNutrition@gmail.com Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @RebeccaTurnerNutrition.